Wow, what a weekend!

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DJ Extraordinaire
Jan 25, 2015
Worked my day job 6a-3p Friday. Then went to setup for a Sadie Hawkins high school dance. Then to our regional airport at 4. Plugged into a huge system to play easy listening music for the static display of our airshow participants. At 7 provided the soundtracks for multiple nighttime performances and then finished it off with music to a 12 minute fireworks display. Event ended at 8:30 just in time to get back to the high school dance that started at 9 and lasted until midnight.
Back up the next AM for my 6-4 job. Then went and setup for a class of 98 reunion that ran 7-11 for about 75 students.
Off today so I got to enjoy our airshow with special guests you may have heard of, the Blue Angels, lol!!!!8b21367ccb6e26c845deac1dd75e271c.jpge1367dee813767fe5795b49f721f5f87.jpg98de5e35066a90d0da74d70976dccc77.jpgf680301a27383795a9017cb81f5baa8b.jpgbc3083c1bc2cd2d2b9ef5fd43f9a42bd.jpgc6bd40f5c26a14c4733540e365a83124.jpg50b057c5d533fc6dc149f3ce470be402.jpgef544cf48716c2cbcb0793914525ff05.jpg

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No Matter Where You Go... There You Are!
Oct 21, 2008
Bethlehem PA
I have an obsession with flying.
I love anything to do with airplanes, and especially helicopters.
I would have done this gig for free!
I did do a Holiday party at a place that leased private jets....
it was pure heaven!