Weddings Wow. Outdoor Wedding in SoCal Tomorrow. Rain...Freezing Temps...Snow on the Ground!?

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DJ Extraordinaire
Jun 11, 2018
Tomorrow (5/25) I've got an outdoor wedding in the hills above Los Angeles. The forecast is for .5" of rain, and there was snow earlier this week. Temperatures will go from cold to colder (well, SoCal "cold").

They're bringing in a big tent to try and salvage the day, but I'm wondering how this is going to turn out...🤔

DJ Ricky B

DJ Extraordinaire
Mar 9, 2015
I dealt with the rain all of last year's wedding season.

In Maryland it has rained the last 16 Fridays in a row. Today is the first Friday it did not rain. California had like 3 years of drought conditions. You all need rain. Snow is also good for you all. I think California needs a blizzard, and Maryland needs a 1 month long steak of sunshine and 80 to 85 degree weather! :)
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