Wireless Mic - What frequencies are LEGAL in Chicago???????

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Mar 15, 2008
Hello Everyone!
I am more confused than ever......
I have been trying to find what frequencies are still legal in Chicago.
Of course I have Googled and have ended up more confused.
Anyone have ANY idea?
I've used the Shure frequency finder...what it recommends for the BLX series, 602.200-615.700 MHz, I thought was no longer legal.
The other is 584.120-589.600 MHz


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Feb 1, 2011
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Based on what I've heard and what I can find:

The remaining 14 MHz, which consists of 2-MHz bottom and top interference guard bands and a clear 10-MHz band smack in the middle between 653-663 MHz, will be available for use by competing white space devices (WSD) and wireless mics.

So your remaining spectrum for unlicensed wireless microphones and related devices is the UHF spectrum between 470-608 MHz, the VHF band between 169-172 MHz and 174-216 MHz, the 902-928 MHz ISM band, and the 2.4 MHz WiFi band. Wireless microphone use in each of these blocks of spectrum has its own benefits, limitations, and competing devices vying for those frequencies.