Who owns a Gig Bar and what are your thoughts?

Scott Hanna

DJ Extraordinaire
Oct 25, 2006
Cleveland, OH
I won’t say I don’t give ANY consideration to what other DJ’s do. I don’t necessarily do something because other DJ’s are, or are not doing something, but it’s always good to learn by what others are doing if you can. That said, Gig Bars are kind of a lazy way of providing lights... and I’m good with that. I hate lights and do as little with them as I possibly can. I’m a DJ... I play music; not lights.[emoji4] If my customers were asking for certain kinds of lights or more lights, I’d probably do more. So far, that’s not the case. Most never ask about lights, and when I ask them, some say they don’t want lights. When I tell them there’s no extra charge, they usually say OK, but it’s not very important to some.[emoji4]
Maybe I didn't say it the right way. Believe me, I get A LOT of great idea from other DJ's. Here and elsewhere. I just don't think about who's doing it or how many are doing it. Only how it can improve what I'm doing.

Or should I say.......you missed it!😄


Veni, Vidi, Lusi
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Sep 26, 2011
Prospect, CT
I think I'll start using my old par 38 cans. I'll be different than all of these LED DJs :D
Make sure they either have a honking fresnel lens or just a A bulb in them to truly stand out.
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