What is your prediction for the DJ business going forward this year?

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What do you see this year for the DJ business?

  • Things will be a mess for a DJ to get bookings this year.

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  • Things will improve over time.

    Votes: 1 33.3%
  • Things will be a mess at the beginning of the year and will improve as the year goes on.

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  • DJs will quit the business due to the current conditions.

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  • Jobs will become plentyful during the summer.

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  • Things will continue like this to the next year

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DJ Ricky B

DJ Extraordinaire
Mar 9, 2015
I think that the FALL is going to be extremely busy with weddings. I know it will be.

For the winter (first quarter of the year) 2022 is actually going to be far better for me than 2021, 2020, 2019, and even 2018! Winter in all of those years was HORRIBLE. Either 1 event, or zero events in first quarter. This year, I have 3 events so far in the first quarter. That is 3X better!

I also just sent an agreement out for Dec. 2nd. To have a wedding in December booked this early is a real good sign for me.

I think Corporate work is the main thing that is going to continue to suffer, and I do believe that corporate work will be down next December as companies look to save money, and I also think we are going to have a recession starting later this year. We are way overdue for it, and a lot of analysts are saying it's going to happen.

Weddings will be plentiful though due to all of the weddings that were put on hold due to Covid mixing with all the newly engaged couples. Summer should be good or at least fair, and Fall will be very busy. 2023 Should also be a busy year for weddings to happen.

I believe this Omicron surge is the last BIG surge for Covid. We get through the next 60 days, and we will effectively get to the other side of the Pandemic. We may see another minor surge in the spring, but after that surge, I think the Covid Pandemic fizzles out. Next Winter we will be dealing with FLURONA, and lots of people are going to get the FLU, but it won't cause shut downs, or any more mask mandates. Just disruptions with people calling out of work for a week.

We will still be dealing with the "Labor Shortage" all year. That is occurring for a whole basket of other reasons.
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