Weddings What is it with kids and me at receptions?

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Aug 14, 2008
Belair MD
Here we go again...another bored kid at a reception pulls up a chair and decides to stay for a while.

I guess I'm the Pied Piper at events for kids.
I don't mind at all...just wondering why it's kids and not bridesmaids...:laugh:


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Dec 21, 2006
Mexico City
As long as you don't talk about gladiators and showers you'll be fine ;)
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just wondering why it's kids and not bridesmaids...:laugh:
The bridesmaids know you are married and not legal game anymore.

As to kids and DJs, it is the gear that attracts them.

I always had problems with the ones that are nuisances; however, the kid that wanted to see the gear I never had a problem with. If a kid came up to me and wanted to see what I was doing I'd find an open chair and pull it up for him/her. I'd even go so far as to set up a simple fade mix, point to the play button, and tell the kid when to push it.

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Is this what you mean Jacob?

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DJ Piddipat

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Jul 8, 2011
Durham, NC, USA
yeah, i get the kiddies, too. when i do my summer music-in-the-park series, a couple of tiny tots sit with me for a while. i introduce them and let them announce the songs, having them repeat the words i whisper to them a few at a time. another time, i was playing for a kiddy sports tournament and noticed that one of the little ones was all googoo-eyed. his mom explained that they listen to my radio show every week and that he had a cute little crush on me.


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They all want to be wannabe Djs


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Oct 21, 2008
Bethlehem PA
I haven't had a bridesmaid "hang out" since I turned 30.
I think as you get older in this biz, you need to keep your mind on what yer doing...
and women don't like to be ignored.
(that's why my wife never wants to come to my gigs)

I did a Christening party last Saturday.
Had more than a dozen kids that age, who took over the dance floor for the first 2 hours.
Played Gangnam Style 3 times.
Then beat myself with a baseball bat.
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