What business expenditures/equipment purchases do you plan for 2024

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The Yamaha DM3 is the better choice among those. If you're going to buy a 16 in / 8 out mixer make it a console with it's own control surface. No reason you can't also run it remotely, but it can get pretty annoying if every adjustment requires remote connectivity.

If you don't really need Dante (which requires that you setup a Dante Controller) than the AES50 on things like the Midas M32R have great expansion possibility and higher channel counts for about the same money. Dante is also an option card for these boards as well.

QSC Touchmix - been there done that, and never again. Probably best suited for novice users and iPad loyalists who would find comfort in it's switchable "simple mode." The units have had a very high failure rate, and not so great pre-amps. It's not unusual to find channels with various faults such as noisy phantom power, and other issues. Perfect (if reliable) for a DJ who wants to up his quality of sound for wedding ceremonies with a very compact mixer.
As a standalone mixer, the DM3 is awesome. The display is great and I love the fact it has motorized faders. It is the only one of the bunch that I would prefer to operate from the surface at a gig. However, 90% of the time I will probably be running it remotely (for home karaoke). The larger size of the Yamaha means I will have to remove something else from my AV cabinet to make room for it. Yamaha also doesn't have an Android interface and I really don't care for IOS. Of course, I could use the Mixing Station app to get around that but I haven't confirmed it has the full DM3 functionality. The Yamaha is just 16 analog inputs. The extra 6 advertised "inputs" are the USB playback and internal FX returns. I am Dante certified but I really don't think I will need the Dante version of the mixer.

The CQ20B has 20 analog inputs, the XLR (8 of which are combo jacks) and 2 stereo pairs. It has a native Android app but the mixer doesn't offer DCAs, mute groups or custom layers yet. I could use the Mixing Station app with the CQ series to add that functionality though. However, I don't know if the mixers personal monitor app, CQ4You, can be run along with Mixing Station. This mixer's small size, built in power supply (no external brick), and auto-mixer function are the key features that are drawing me to this.

The QSC has had its share of problems. However, it is used everywhere and probably will be for some time to come. I still have several ties to the company and they are somewhat local so I am confident I could get good service if ever needed. The bigger issue is that the built in display washes out easily and it only supports single touch. This means I would probably operate it remotely most of the time even if it was right in front of me. I do like the fact it has two extra stereo inputs like the CQ-20B and two extra stereo aux outs in case some band wanted to use stereo IEMs.
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If you don't consistently use Dante you'll save yourself $500 right out of the box by not making that a priority in the mixer. Even venues where you could connect via Dante will have analog ports as well. It's really only an issue if you are trying to select/mute discreet portions of an arena's array, or access and manage multiple remote sources. Yamaha uses Dante for it's stage box connections and remote I/O devices, so if FOH and stage sets are in your future that would be the reason to value Dante.

If home karaoke is your primary use then I'd recommend the Behringer XR12 or the Midas MR12. Both of these mixers are superior to the Touchmix, and much more compact and portable. They are very powerful and price is under $500 (new.) I've acquired them (used) for as little as $250. The engine is the same as software used on the M32 and X32 consoles, so it's an easy step up if you ever find yourself behind one of those larger boards at a church or school. If you like control surfaces you can even use them with a Behringer X-Touch, though the mixers are so sleek the software apps are all you ever really need.

An XR12 can have a quad set of wireless mics on 4 of the TRS line inputs, leaving the 4 XLR inputs available for other mics, and another 4 TRS line inputs for music or other sources. It has Main LR and 2 Aux outs on XLR, and the monitor section can also be configured and routed as 2 additional Aux outs using the headphone left & right TRS outputs.

For karaoke you have a complete effects rack, monitor sends and onboard recording directly to a USB stick or via AUX out. Compression, parametric, EQ etc. all in a small 2U rack size. Wireless connectivity to multiple devices, cabled network, or both at the same time.

I've used these for wedding ceremonies, hybrid meetings, corporate presentation, and more. The only thing missing is output delay. When I need delay speakers I just add a 1U dual delay (Symetrix 402) which gives me dual delay capability from a pass thru of the main, or a single Aux.

None of the MR or XR series mixers have matrixes, but neither does the Touchmix and perhaps not the Allen & Heath as well.
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I saw the price and I'm sure there's something else that's cheaper than that and can do the same thing.

Didn't you buy a bunch of mics one time that were slightly less quality than Fisher Price because they were cheap? How did that work out for you?
I always follow the golden rule
Will it make me more money?
Will it make my job easier?
If the the answer to both questions is no, then there is no need to purchase
You forgot a few questions.
* Will I be able to figure out how to operate it?
* Will it make me feel like I'm more comparable to more established DJs?
* Do I think it is cool eye-candy?
* Can my needed car repairs be delayed until I after I pay this purchase off?
To answer your question though about upgrades:

- 80% likely to jump on New Custom DJ booth... have 2 designs that im trying to decide between. This will be fully custom, so I have to really commit to this process, as it's not something that I can just find online and buy (hence the 20% chance I won't get around to it).
- 50/50 on Possibly the new Guac photo booth (already have salsa and love its functionality
- 80% New Macbook
- Am a maybe on A Jackery 1000... I want one and see a lot of benefits for it. Never actually needed it though which is why I haven't actually jumped on it.
I bought a Jackery last year (2023) and love mine. I rarely got a call for one but now that I have it I use it all the time with my ceremony systems. It fits right under my X-Stand and I never worrie about running power. I use battery speakers,,,, bamm, done, love it.
There is A LOT stuff I would love to buy this year , but top of the list,

New DJ booth, I am ready to move away from table/facade look.
Here is the facade I bought a few years ago. It comes with 2 shelves and 2 color scrimp. One black and the other white with a carry bag.

Sorry I posted another picture besides the one I wanted to post. Check out the picture on the right. I got it from Musically Yours in Hackensack, NJ.


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Nice facade . Do you transport in a bag? Where is the Knights of Columbus hall located Mixxy?
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Part of the updates for 2023/2024. I had to move to lighter & smaller. Very likely I will be MIA for a bit while I figure were to put things and testing them. Perfect as I’m off the next couple of days and I also need to list stuff for sale.


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