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Sep 26, 2011


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Jan 21, 2019
I got two kegs of beer from a fraterity cruise that was cancelled about 100 yards from the dock. One of the guys was relieving himself off the dock prior to boarding. Port police were called and they held the boat until the guy would surrender himself. That took about 20 minutes and they let us go. Of course as the boat pulled away all the guys on the top deck start yelling "f the police" (keep in mind 18-21 year old white guys in Seattle) and flipping them off. The boat was pulled back, and a couple county buses were called in to take them home.

The Social chair, who we were cool with (this has to be 20 years ago, I was in a different fraternity) said they couldn't take the kegs back on the bus so we could have them. I don't know how we fit them in the back of the blazer with all my gear but we did then had a fun party at the house that night. About 4 months later during a routine inspection the keg shells were found and the house was fined $1500/keg which ate up our our social budget for that quarter. Cool story though.
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