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Dec 9, 2009
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Had a nice chuckle yesterday. Videographer was contract in by a national chain. Had good gear and said he's done a fair number of events. In true videographer fashion, he walks up just a few minutes before the ceremony and asks if he can plug-in to my board. I told him, sure I have 1/4" and XLR. He comes back a few minutes later with a cord that has 2 male XLRs on it. I tell him, "You need a female XLR." and he responds "What's that?" It took a few minutes to explain the difference and I'm still not sure he got it. A few minutes later, I see him setting his audio recorder on the ground, next to where the minister will be standing so I told him, "You'd be better served to put that in front of my speaker." He told me "Thank you". Makes me wonder what kind of footage he actually got.
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The videographer from a couple weeks ago had his own mic setup and asked if I would use his mic. (He asked about a week before the event.) I told him if I could test it prior to and it was quality sound, I had no issues. It was a Senheiser wired mic with an XLR adapter that had an audio recorder and wireless transmitter with the receiver plugged into my board. That way, he got a direct recording of all toasts and the blessing of the food and everything. He had his own lapel mics recorders, so the groom and officiant each had 2 mics on them for the ceremony.

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Feb 12, 2016
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Been providing a video recording service for a number of years, and it's my thought that the guy who didn't have the correct cables or even know the difference between connector type or male and female is in desire need of some basic audio learning.

I have helped out other videographers in a pinch, but the guy that approached Ricky was way beyond a pinch and way out of position to call himself a video professional.

Ricky did OK


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Oct 16, 2011
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Great but shouldn't the person doing the job have the right tools for the job and when would he see this person again? Probably that is the only time he will ever see that person. Nothing wrong with educating someone on how things should work and what is needed for the job. We all had to learn from someone or something.

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Oct 25, 2006
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