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Jan 25, 2015
Has anyone been asked or been involved with this program? For those unfamiliar its a prom style evening for individuals with special needs. They get all dressed up, offer photos, limo and carriage rides, walk the red carpet, etc. They also offer karaoke in a separate room.I've been asked for 3 years now to DJ the event but I guess my quote was too much. I'm all about helping out groups, especially non-profits and special needs. However I do know that they receive money and donations to put this event on plus they have it at a really nice convention center so I know they have some sort of reasonable budget.
They have asked for a price to DJ the event and then a price to also supply the karaoke room. The past DJ has provided sound * light as well as uplighting. but no clue what he was charging. Event usually runs 5:30-9:15



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Sep 26, 2011
I haven't see that around here, though our school has a "Best Buddies" Prom for special needs kids and the HS kids who work with them. That didn't happen this year (or regular prom either). It might be cool to do .. I worked (volunteered actually) for Special Olympics my first 2 years at college .. coached, lifeguarded, chaperoned trips, and drove a mini bus) and when I worked at HP, they were a sponsor of CT Special Olympics, so I and my son helped out a couple years for the "Winter Games".


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Feb 1, 2011
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I've heard of it - and I also know that there is some money in there somewhere. Every one that I've heard about is run by a local church based group and is looking for highly discounted prices or donated time. Relay For Life, though for something completely different, runs on the same line (highly discounted prices / donated vendor time and materials).

If you feel it's worth it to donate, then do so. If not, then provide what you think is fair and hope for the best. Your competition may be donating it - and this could be why they're getting it.
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Oct 21, 2008
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Find a reasonable price that makes it worthwhile for your effort.
Ask for a rate that is enough to cover the drive, setup and load out...
and consider the actual DJ part to be "free".
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