Tidal, Deezer, Soundcloud, Digitrax, or other?

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Nov 10, 2006
Ventura County, CA
I looking for streaming service recommendation for Virtual DJ? I care more about catalog selections than high-bit rate audio quality. My need is just for two parties coming up in the next few months. One will require some German music and both will require country music (which I am light on). I am not going to bring my purchased library current. I gave up Promo Only 8 or 9 years ago.

I have never DJed with streamed content before but this seems like the best approach to cover just two gigs. Points of differentiation for me would be:
* Ability to download content before the gig.
* Can start and/or continue playing if internet connection is dropped.
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You said you're lacking when it comes to Country music. You said both events will want some Country music. I would suggest if you're not sure about the songs they will want for both those events, simply ask for the songs they will want you to play at the events. Find which online service will have the songs you need for each event, download those songs and make up a folder to put them in so when you go to play a song just go to that folder the song is in.
Gee Mixy, who would have ever thought to ask a client what songs they like? I wish I had thought of that 40 years ago when I started DJing

OK, sorry for the sarcasm but I think you missed the entire point of my post. I am more concerned about the need for a consistent connection during the event. As long as the services let me download ahead of the event, I am fine. For instance, I use Spotify a lot. I have the pro-version that lets me download 1000s of songs for offline use (such as when I'm on a plane). DJay Pro software used to hook to Spotify but they dropped that a few years ago and besides, I didn't like DJay Pro as much as Virtual DJ.

As for the various streaming services, some are primarily geared for DJs to share their mixes or royalty free content or hi-res audio or some other attribute that I don't care about. I am just looking for something with a selection on par with Spotify, download capability and nice integration with Virtual DJ.
I hear you and I understand. You said those 2 events are a little bit away. As you said just look to download the songs you feel you will need for each event and have them handy to play at those events.

I just mentioned you asking the client for the songs they want you to play because you said you're lacking when it comes to Country music. I didn't mean any disrespect. All I know about Country music is I'm not the DJ for an event that the client wants Country music.
I just found this article. Seems well written. Anyone catch any errors in it

Thanks for sharing! That was a good read for me. I actually did not realize Virtual DJ partnered with Tidal! I have had Tidal for like 18 months now, and only was using it with DJAYPRO very rarely. It works real well on VDJ.
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