This is a good reason for having backup gear.

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Oct 16, 2011
I made a mistake and spilled some liquid touching my newer laptop that I DJ with. I was at home when this happened. The laptop won't boot up. I thought once the battery died I just had to plug it up and turn it on and it would boot up again. That didn't happen. So I will have to get it repaired.

The good thing is my good old trusty laptop that I paid less than $50 is still going strong! That one has the voice overs that I love. I wish I knew how to take the voice overs on the old laptop and put them on the newer one.
How do you transfer music?
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I have a big issue with my main laptop. I tried turning it on several times and it might come on for a few seconds and then just go off. I plugged it into another socket and still nothing. Everything is connected that I know. Anybody here can give me suggestions as to why this is happening and what I can do to get it to come on and stay on? Never had this happen before. Strange.
Try using contact cleaner. I go though all my connections maybe once a year. 1698840603894.png
Sorry for starting this thread. I unplugged the power cord from the laptop, put it back in and it began to work. It had to go back to a restore point and after that I got it to work. Just strange to me because I never had this ever happen since I had this laptop.
A little off topic, but I use the contact cleaner anytime I working on the car and have to disconnect a sensor, a little goes a long way. I like Deoxit more that QR but QR is easier to find.
I use the QR on my trailer 7 way on my truck. :djsmug: got all three Deoxit sprays in the shop. Brings faders back to life and smooth them out like glass.
In this digital age I wouldn't feel comfortable without a live backup on deck. I had a DJ software freeze and stop mid song at a wedding just this weekend - but, I also had another live laptop beside we with the same available playlist, so it was just a hiccup with respect to dancing.

Even for casual poolside gigs - I'll at least have an iPod or some other live device I can go to if a PC develops an issue. When music was on hard media like CDs, it was rare to lose both decks simultaneously, so while having a backup was necessary it may not need to be live. At worse, you might have to power cycle a CD controller and that can be done while using the mic and feigning a request. On a computer - all decks crash as one - and we should never persuade ourselves to believe that our PC or MAC unlike anyone else's is immune to failure.