The what are you listening to thread.

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Im really enjoying roddy ricch and camo and krooked at the moment
Hey @JdmTheDj there is a what are you listening to thread that is all kinds of fun it might garner more response. Just let me know if you would like this moved there

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Yeh but this is WHO
Don't mean to be cocky or rude in anyway sir but yeh with all do respect its who not what but ok
Ok just asked the question. Carry on as if your normal
I think Jeff was just stating we have a discussion thread already .. more eyes would see it .. and Who are you listening to and What are you listening to are really the same thing to most people.
k got it
Yeh but this is WHO

"Who are you listening to?"
Roddy Ricch - Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial

"What are you listening to?"
Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial - Roddy Ricch

You're right. They're two completely different things. :-/
In a nice way mate who is which person, and what is the song AND IF YOU WANT the artist but my one is just for the artists name sorry if i sound rude but yeh bye:sqrolleyes:
Joyner lucas he came out with his full album finally its ADHD by the way
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