The Official Introductions Thread

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New DJ
Apr 24, 2022
Hi Guys my name is James (J deLay) im 30 years old and havnt gigged for 10 years now. I fell back in love with djing over lockdown and have just recorded a couple mixes i hope to share with you.

my passion lies with tech and electronic / expermental dance music but i have a guilty please for early 90s UK jungle and breakbeat
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New DJ
May 8, 2022
Hello, I am Richard. I was first a DJ at my high school during my Jr and Sr years (vocational broadcasting) in '79/'80.When I enlisted in the USAF my recruiter promised that I would be in the broadcasting field - but turned out to be a false promise. Fast forward 40 years and I was asked to do Karaoke DJ and a street dance DJ once a month.. I had accumulated something like 80k karaoke mp3+g files. Going through these has been (still is) time consuming trying to find all the duplicates and naming the remainder consistently the same. These are in a spreadsheet format and it looks like the next time consumer will be to get the song book created. Once that is completed, the next task will be to go through the 500GB of FLAC/MP3 files for meta tagging consistencies.

Equipment I have is a Gemini Gv2 controller, Behringer Xenyk 1202 Mixer, Gemini PA speakers, Acer Nitro 5 17" laptop, PCDJ DEX 3 Pro for the Karaoke and VirtualDJ for the DJ'ing.

Thanks for allowing me into the group :)