Stage Usage - Contract and Release?


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Sep 26, 2011
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Holy crap!

I didn't mean to get everyone so stirred up by asking a question. It was one of those things that dropped into my lap and I was just trying to see if anyone had experience and what they have done or used contract wise if they did. I plan to get advice from at least my insurance agent and possibly a lawyer. The school needed storage space and this was in the way now that they have an actual stage. It was offered to me at the cost of nothing other than physical labor if I could remove it from the storage location. Thought that was a great is better then cheap any day...ask Mix!

I am in no way going to refer to this thread if something does happen and say "That person on them thar inner-webs said that all I needed to do was __." I am fairly confident that in a court of law that would hold the same amount of water as a bottomless bucket. Maybe in Judge Judy's courtroom, she would at least look at it, then laugh and tell me I'm an idiot. I was just looking for opinions and experience of others.
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Oct 20, 2013
So you agree that you should SEEK legal advice from a professional, but but not listen to it?
I never said that. Yes, as @ittigger mentioned, don't take as gospel doesn't mean you ignore the advice given, it means you shouldn't just blindly trust or accept what is said or written from a single source. It never hurts to get a second or multiple opinions. It doesn't mean you can't, just that maybe you shouldn't blindly put your faith in a single source of advice.
A second opinion may also result in an additional clause or two being recommended to be added just to cya that the first lawyer didn't deem necessary to include for whatever reason.

In fact, I'm involved in a potential legal battle right now due to ambiguities in the way a lawyer had drafted a document that was caught by another lawyer within the same firm after the fact. So mistakes do happen even with professionals. That's why they need E&O Insurance.
If there was a second legal opinion then there's a good chance the mistakes would have been caught and rectified before signing.
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Feb 1, 2011
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At best, that is an unreliable guess and rewording of DJ TJ's expressed disdain for "so called professionals."

In context, his suggestion and posts advise that the alternative "multiple opinions" should be sought from dj forums...really, that is where you recommend Shawn get important, serious legal counsel on which to rely and draw conclusions for his business decisions and liability exposure?

You can not be serious.
Because I (and others) explicitly said talk to lawyers to get legal advice - means don't talk to lawyers to get legal advice? You're really reaching Rocky.