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Mar 15, 2008
Greetings fellow dj peeps,
Not sure if this is a software issue, laptop issue or some other piece of equipment.
Thought I'd look here to see if anyone has any thoughts.

At my gig this past Sunday, the volume kept raising & lowering on its own.
This annoying anomaly stopped, just as I was getting ready to jump to the backup system.
I'm using VDJ7, along with a Lenovo i5 laptop with 6 gigs of memory, that I have been using for about 3 years, and a Denon mc3000. The ONLY different piece of equipment I am using is a Mackie Mix8 (controller plugged into it) I was using a Behringer 802. Is the Mackie the culprit? That is the newer mixer & has only been used about 5 times. Any and all suggestions are welcome.

Thanks for looking & your help!!
Usually when you have volume issues like that, it's a software switch that tries to normalize volumes or gain between songs. Some use an external tool like mp3gain. I forget if there is a switch in VDJ, but I know, for example, that iTunes has one and if you turn it on, most songs will come on with a similar volume, but if you turn it off, some songs will be low and some loud, depending on how they were ripped or recorded.

The Mackie should not do what you describe unless there is a compressor or limiter on a channel and I don't think that one has that. Same with the Denon unless you inadvertently engaged an FX.

Check the VDJ audio options in the config and see what the autogain is set to.
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Go into VDJ and under "Options" see what "Auto Gain" is set to.
Next, from VDJ's "History" of the actual songs you played at the gig, analyze them in Mp3gain and see what the actual gains of the songs were.

If the gains of the individual mp3's vary widely, and VDJ's Auto Gain was set to something other than "Auto" or "Auto + Remember", that's your problem.

Er, ah, em, what Steve said!
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Thanks guys. Went into "options" & Auto Gain was set at Auto+Remember. Should it be Auto instead?
What baffles me is that I know I did not change anything.
And as I said before, this pc never touches the internet.
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Might have to experiment a little .. If it's both channels, then the speakers don't sound like the issue as it's unlikely that both failed or limited simultaneously. While it could be the mixer, it doesn't appear there are any DSP functions in it to cause varying gain, but I would try to substitute another temporarily to see if that's the case.

What are you using for a sound card? Or are you going out the headphone jack to the mixer, as it doesn't appear to have USB in. Is the controller being used as a soundcard? Maybe that's where the failure is.
Yes, controller is being used as the soundcard. Looks like I need to switch some things in & out to see what happens.
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Which controller is it Cyndi ?
It is a Denon MC3000.
And you said that up top .. sorry ..

Don't see much on the Denon that would cause it, unless there is a problem with it. Make sure you don't inadvertently have the mic on and ducking turned on as well, as ducking would do that. Other areas to check are the sound card drivers. Update the ASIO driver if you haven't in a while.