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Oct 1, 2014
While @ittigger is off fighting windmills with VDJ and iTunes :laugh:, I thought this might be a good to time to explain what I do with Serato.

I do not use iTunes. The only database I maintain is the Music Directory on my laptop. Fortunately, years ago a Java based program was written for Serato Itch that basically, with one keystroke, duplicates my Music Directory/sub-directories (on my laptop) as Crates/sub-crates in Serato. It still works with Serato DJ Pro today. These are screenshots of DJ Pro 2.1 Beta in expanded Library mode -



I organize music by Genre, and the Crates you see here are exact duplicates of my laptops directory structure, done automatically by Serato Itch Sync. When I add new music, I just add it to the appropriate directory on my laptop, and then with just one keystroke, Serato gets updated as well.

As I said, the program is Jave based and requires two files, and The first file is the program, the second file usually has to be edited to show where on your laptop your music is stored, and the location of the _Serato_ file. Both program files are easily found with a Google Search.

The one fly in the ointment for me is it does not do FLAC files, which probably didn't exist when it was written. So, I'm either going to have to learn a little Java, or hopefully find someone who does know it.


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Feb 1, 2011
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I use Serato (Itch and Pro) as well - and I also utilize the iTunes index reading capability in it. :) As with you, throughout using Itch and Pro, I have also had 0 issues using it the way I do. The difference is I tell iTunes to go and update a folder (and its contents) and you tell Serato to. In iTunes - Add Folder To Library, Select Folder, done.

Playing with VDJ - it just seems to do things different .. like invent a library that isn't there (on a machine with a blank library). I'm hoping to have it figured out soon though. Serato has been my goto for about 10 years - and for the foreseeable future, will continue to be.

I have no problem with Serato or VDJ doing a self inventory - but then don't stick that inventory under the iTunes folder. Also, don't put bogus web links as entries in the db - and stop listing random files as missing - especially when I tell the system to locate it and it goes right to the folder that the file is located in (alt-o allows you to go through these very quickly).
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