Serato-Itch-Sync #2


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Oct 1, 2014
I obviously did not properly explain what this is, and what it does. However, IMHO this is important for anyone using Serato, so here's attempt #2 -

Library management is a key element of DJ'ing. Many use iTunes to do this. Besides the fact that IMHO iTunes is about the closest thing to a virus you deliberately put on your computer, there are other distinct disadvantages to using it. I shall refer you to Paris Creative's blog here -
Using Serato to manage music - Paris Creative - (

This is basically what I do. I use "Genre" to organize my music, and my computer's directory structure looks like this (with the "Latin" directory opened) -


Before Serato DJ, there was Seratch Scratch Live, and then Serato Itch. About 9 years ago, Roman Alekseenkov wrote a small Java based utility named "serato-itch-sync". It was recently updated by Markus Schmitz to version 0.1.5 that includes FLAC support (flac didn't even exist 9 years ago!), but out of respect for the original developer, it is still called "serato-itch-sync" - sero53/serato-itch-sync - (

The important thing to understand is that it works on every version and release of Serato, up to and including 64 bit Serato DJ Pro 2.1, since Serato has NEVER changed how it handles libraries.

What "serato-itch-does" -

With one click of my mouse, it completely duplicates my computer's directory structure (and all the files) into Crates and Sub-Crates in Serato . It does this by renaming "_Serato_" to "_Serato_Backup" and then creating a new "_Serato_" directory (you can easily go backwads if necessary). End result in "Expanded Library" view-


If you look closely you'll see they are identical, and all done with one mouse click!! This makes updating my library extremely easy. All I maintain is "DJ Music" on my hard drive, adding files or folders as necessary. Then, with one click, Serato is automatically updated to exactly match it!

Hopefully this is a better explanation! :cheers:

Also, please let me know if you encounter any problems if you try using it. Thanks!
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