School & Teen Events Sadie Hawkins 2017

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DJ Extraordinaire
Jan 25, 2015
Had a successful Sadie Hawkins last night at a local high school. Besides Prom, this is their largest dance of the year. They have 500+ in attendance. This particular high school had been using another local DJ for years b/c of some connection he had with the principal. Finally, I was able to get in on some of the business b/c a new principal came in. The dance began at 9 and I had to start the last song at 11:45 so it would be emptied out by midnight. A home football game was going on as well and it went long and didn't end until 10:10. However they did get the win so that helped their spirits as they came in.
I had to attach this pic to show the environment I was dealing with. This was as dark as the gym would get b/c the lights that you see on are emergency lighting and they do not go off. Kids were not happy about that.
I had pretty much free reign on any clean music I felt was appropriate. They only gave me two songs on the Do not play list. "Get Low" & "Shots". Easy enough! Everyone left seeming pretty pleased with the evening. They already penciled me in for Homecoming in December.1.jpg


Active DJ
Jul 7, 2016
I did a homecoming and a prom this past school year and those were the same two songs that were on the do not play list also.