Ruckify - ever heard of it?

DJ Extraordinaire
Dec 9, 2009
Hendersonville, TN
Just got contacted by this website. They asked if I'd rent my equipment or do I always come with it (to operate it)? They then ask if I'd like to "partner" with them (hey mix, maybe this is for you). Sounds like crap to me. I asked them how much would I be paid and waiting for a response.
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DJ Extraordinaire
Jun 12, 2018
They seem somewhat legit...however their social media footprint is quite small.... they seem to be a start up with minimal traction...

Considering your proximity to Nashville ...if you were truly interested in equipment rental id say this might end up a winner in the long run... its a niche market...but has potential

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Veni, Vidi, Lusi
Staff member
Sep 26, 2011
Prospect, CT
I guess this was next after air bnb, uber, et al ...
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