Rockville Rockwedge LED lights

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DJ Extraordinaire
Dec 9, 2009
Hendersonville, TN

I DJ'ed a wedding at my friends' wedding venue in TN last night and they had just purchased a set of 20, Rockville Rockwedge uplights. At first glance, I wasn't terribly impressed. The lights are very small, lightweight and struck me more as toys than gear. That opinion soon changed. They did not have a DMX controller so I put them out and used the little infrared controller to turn them to white for dinner. The sun was still out so, no big deal. Once dinner ended and the dance set started I switched them over to sound active, all independent of each other (you can set them up with a master unit and slave). As the night wore on, I have to say, I became very impressed. While they're nowhere near as strong as my 9X18s, the lights were plenty bright and the client just loved what it did for her party. While I still love my 9X18s, these wedges are much more compact and would be a lot easier to haul around for mobile gigs. If you get the chance, check them out.