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Nov 6, 2006
... simplify and clean up your set up with using just the two ends of your lighting stand, and eliminate all that middle trussing. It takes away from the cleanliness of the setup and really serves no purpose.
The purpose it serves is SAFETY. Those tripod stands are inherently unstable and the truss serves a a tie rod holding them together. Just a good kick or step on one of the legs is all it takes to break the spreader and the tripod comes crashing down in that direction - usually the side with dancers. Yes, I've see it happen. The truss helps to prevent that by dispersing an off balance load or sudden stress across the entire assembly.

For a cleaner setup I would lose all the DJ skirts and keep the truss. If it's a teen party, sell them a sign printed on foam core with the birthday kid's name on it that is the same dimension as the truss beam and center it with a few small dots of double stick tape.
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