Rebuilding My Ceremony Rig


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Sep 7, 2016
I've been debating about this for a long time... but I'm finally re-doing my ceremony rig.

My typical set up is a Yamaha MG-10 mixer. I have a QLX-D lav mic. And then if I need a handheld I have been taking the one out of my reception system, and then reconnecting it later. I carry it all around in a big waterproof SKB case. And while the function has been perfect... the set up and breakdown always takes a little longer than I wanted.

I hadn't bought another QLX-D system because, quite frankly, they're pricey. And I probably do 1-2 ceremonies a month. It's a painful set up, but I'm not doing it every day.

But I'm tired of it.

Taking the plunge today and picking up a new QLX-D system (combo of SM-58 and beltpack so I can do either). And I'm also moving to the Denon 312 mixer so that I can have a simple rackmount system. Finally.. to keep the antennas tidy, I'm getting the Shure UA-844 to boost and simplify my antennae set up. I'll be mounting it all into a 4U Gator rack.

I should go from 15 minutes+ to about 2 in getting ready to go for a ceremony.

I'll be sure to send this group some pictures as soon as I get it all put together.


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Sep 26, 2011
Prospect, CT
i copied this set up exactly...and never been happier... that tray is my favorite thing ever... perfect size for all i need

i do normally add a second speaker tho

Only issue with using the mixer section on the back of a speaker is you need to be there (on most) to control levels and that puts you in camera shot range unless you have the speaker at the back of the audience or side, but that then creates issues with sound localization.

A remote mixer or a mixer that can be remote controlled (I know the RCF JMix has a remote controllable one) is generally easier to staff at and quicker to control when things go sideways.

Just my opinion.