Pixellicious Anyone?

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Aug 30, 2006
British Columbia
Was thinking about getting a couple Pixellicious Mini fixtures to mount at the top horizontally of the front / top of my totems, just below the moving heads. Has anyone used these before? I would be replacing a couple Chauvet Colorstrips which have been good to me, you just can't look at them cause they are too darn bright. The Pixellicious seems to be a nice eye-candy type fixture. Anyone?

Pixellicious Mini™

Some of the built-in programs are shown in this video. It is the full strip but same idea.

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcMg0V4tmyo
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Sep 26, 2011
Those might be really nice sitting vertically directly in front of a sub pole (assuming the height would fit). $264 at KPODJ.com .. pretty sweet.
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Nov 4, 2016
Funny you should mention these. I ordered 2 of the full sized pixies today for evaluation and testing. Amazon.com: Blizzard Lighting PIXELLICIOUS LED Lighting: Musical Instruments

The only downside to these is that EACH fixture uses nearly an entire DMX universe (480 channels) if you use them with full pixel control. So it appears that the best way to utilize them to their fullest potential is with Klingnet and something like Arkaos LED Master. However, even using the 35 channel mode you get the fixture split into 10 zones. So you can run dimming, color mixing, and chasing zone by zone. Then from my reading of the manual, you can use 1 of the DMX channels to shift into any one of 29 autoprograms. So I plan to write my own routines for the 10 zones and shift into and out of the autoprograms based on my music needs. So for my next gig I was thinking of utilizing 2 truss totems with a pixellicious on each one mounted vertically and a moving head on top, probably a Snake Eyes or a Rogue. Then adding a truss warmer for additional color and creativity. So for example truss warmers on green with a various-shades-of-blue-chase on the pixellicious.

Also, be advised that I checked out the DMX programming and it appears you can't dim the autoprograms. You can fully dim if you are writing your own chases or shapes, but the dimmer channel must be set on zero to activate an autoprogram. So all autoprograms will run at full brightness. I'm not sure how bright that is. I don't think these fixtures pack that much horsepower in terms of brightness, but they still might be annoying to some people. Which is why I plan to program them myself and use the autoprograms for accents basically.

Check out this video of a circular arrangement of pixies, and they did this using the 35 channel mode. Very cool. I am sure I am going to want more of these, but I wanted to try a couple to make sure I can program them according to plan. By the way, I have some inside information that they are currently addressing some internal issues on this fixture and are about to release a version 2, but it won't be publicized as such, in fact it won't be publicized at all. So you might want to wait a bit before ordering to make sure you get the revised fixture. The revision will not add functionality from what I've heard, but will address some bugs and problems. If I determine that the fixtures I ordered have any of the bugs they are fixing, I will return mine for replacements. I would guess the issues are probably in the 480 channel mode which can have speed issues when you are writing fast routines to change shapes or map video.

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hCWTJOXh2E

PS: I think there should be a Constitutional Amendment that limits the playing of dubstep music solely to lighting demos.
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