Peavey PR speakers..weatherproof?

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Apr 17, 2015
Western Pennsylvania
Doing pictures at a soccer field today and they're using their PA system and I never noticed till today, but they are using peavey PR10 speakers - mounted on the exterior of the building, no cover whatsoever. While it was only voice there were no cracks or issues - nice and clear.

I asked the league pres and he says they've had them hanging for for 6 or 7 years, never an issue, all the do in the winter is tie a garbage bag over them.

I have the PR 12 and 15's...didn't notice in the lit they are weatherproof?

Anyone else hear of this sorta 'feature'?

I've kept them for use as my 'outdoor' speaker, figure why risk a powered $800+ speaker when these are $200ish.

I guess I need never fear the rain again!
I wouldn't think they are outdoor rated .. that usually means stainless or aluminum grills, recessed and covered inlets, etc. and the PR don't have those. Being plastic, the case is probably OK, but I would venture if they aren't under an eave, that there's water inside the cabinet.

And PRs are passive, so you'd need an amp.
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They may have found the toughest set of PR speakers ever made.....
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My sons high school baseball field also has a pair of PR speakers that have been hanging outside for at least 8 years now with no problems.
That's amazing. They can hang them outside year round and I took 4 out one night I was planning on buying and blew 3 of them. The only speakers I ever blew in my life
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I view them as throw away speakers they are cheap enough to replace yearly if necessary, they actually sound ok if you swap out the high frequency driver with a better one