Painting wash light housings... yes or no?

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DJ Forbes

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Jul 30, 2021
So when I started my DJ journey, I bought a set of Wash FX Hex lights. At the time, I thought black would be best as they would be mounted on my ADJ I-beam over my ADJ pro event table (which is all black). Great.

Now I'm trying to "enhance" my wedding setup a little. I'm considering purchasing a set of Rockville totems to put my wash lights on. I really like the look of it. I was planning on going with all white totems, with white scrims. My question is, do YOU think the black wash lights will look bad sitting on top of the white totems? I think I can pretty easily paint the housings on the wash lights white... for less than $20. I don't really want to buy another set of the wash lights in white. Or would the black be fine on the white totems? Whatcha think?
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Sep 7, 2016
I run black lights on top of my totems whether I wrap them in black or white:

I wouldn't personally paint the fixtures.

I don't think white fixtures look bad either, I just think it's something that DJs probably think way more about than anyone else.

If you were going for a totally white-out look with white speakers, white truss, white frontboard around your gear... it might make more sense. But for what you're describing, just use the lights and you'll be fine.