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New DJ
Mar 14, 2020
Hi Guys

I am Gayle from UK and have been self teaching myself here and there, however i am ready to move to lessons now.
Can anyone recommend a good online course. Also advice on speakers as the speaker i am currently using crackles when using the effects.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

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Shine on you crazy diamond
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Sep 26, 2011
Not sure of any online courses, though I have heard that the MobileBeat Las Vegas Show that was recently cancelled, will make all the seminars available for free online soon ( ).

There are also lots of tutorials on YouTube .. depending on the style of DJing you're interested in, just search around Youtube (example:)

As for gear, that we might be able to help with, but need much more info like type of audience? For play out or practice ? Type of music ? Size of audience ? etc ...
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