On the verge of buying a new cc-mobile


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Oct 16, 2011
Really? Why do all that physical labor multiple time for no reason and no profit
Because it's better to be safe than sorry. I know some of you live in nice neighborhoods and all of that. The ordinary thief may not be able to steal your vehicle or stuff that's in it. Just remember there professional thieves out there that do it for a living.


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Oct 20, 2006
Long Island NY
Whoa, that’s a lot of work and a lot of cash $2,400 per year. My mom put her house on the market and it sold real quick. I had to move all my personal stuff into storage while I went though everything. I only did it for a couple of months while i sold off stuff and had the largest shed I could legally have built. Then moved all the junk, family bikes, Outdoor stuff, toys & etc there. They build it to match the house cost me about what I would spend in 1.5 years storage. Surprisingly it doesn’t get too cold or too hot in there. I guess that why some use them as a get away or kids playhouse. I added loft space for really long term storage, a alarm but unfortunately no electric. My wish was for a two car or three car garage with extra space but that wasn’t in the cards. A house in PA were looking at had a nice garage and plenty room for a large media room, office and extra bedrooms. But the wife still working in NYC and I’m working closer to NYC now. Figure, I will get more room when the kids move out. I’m hoping one moves to the west coast or Fl, place I don’t mine visiting.
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Mar 20, 2008
...woke up this morning with that excited to get a new toy feeling and then we got word that my wifes grandfather passed away... headed to New York later this week to be with her family and stuff...
Add 1 to the number of guardians your family now has in His eternal army.

We suffer for our loss but should rejoice in their eternal reward in His kingdom.