OBS for streaming

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New DJ
Jun 30, 2022

I'm Markus,

I'm just getting into this world and I would like to make it my livelihood. For now I'm just an apprentice who loves to create his own mixed, I use "The Next Beat by Tiësto".

I'm very interested in offering my services online and being able to combine my hobby with my job and earn some extra money, so I'm learning everything OBS has to offer. I have found a very interesting tutorial about OBS, I leave it in case it can be useful for you.

I hope to learn a lot from you and to be able to share my music with you soon.
If the crux of your content is audio rather than video you may not need OBS though it's free OS, and certainly a great way to do it.

We often use OBS even ahead of the stream for it's ability to color correct cameras, and match other sources to a preferred output. Most of the actual switching is still done externally because these are live events with on site displays and other recording feeds.
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If you just want to stream just the audio then Soundcloud is what you want to use, you can upload your work and share it. If you want to live stream Twitch would probably be better suited for that, maybe, but licensing is an issue though but its popular with Deejays that stream.

You can use OBS to stream to a streaming site like Twitch.
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