Numark CDN-88 - sticks, kinda resolved ?

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May 14, 2023
So my old Numark, battle worn works fine, until I put it away for about 5 years. (stored inside)

The problem is, one of the decks refused to open.

That is till I lost my temper and I found if I banged it boom,
I then found 1 sharp localised bang with a hammer handle, right just under the door the thing pops out
you can hear the motor whirring but the door refused to open, then I found that from dead cold it does it, during some testing it's fine

NOW, I further worked out, "IF" I store it with a CD in each deck (even a blank), it works every single time.

I heard something about some magnet which sticks and doesnt release

I think the only option is to replace the individual decks which I believe you can but there like $140 each

any thoughts

I really like them and want to keep them, if I need to just finish the night and keep a coyuple of blank CD's in them,. se la vie !
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Oct 16, 2011
Sorry you're having the trouble with that dual CD player
That was part of my first setup when I first came back. I got used to using it and I loved it except for one thing. I didn't like the reloop buttons. They weren't automatically a set thing. You had to make sure you did it right or it wouldn't sound right. I had another one but let it go. I know for some it's outdated. Yet it still was a great unit.
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