Not So Fast

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Absolutely hilarious, so you want guests to bring their old records so the DJ can play them. So we get pass very likely the records will sound like crap. Playing someone else’s records, hum, if I did still play records I won’t want to go that route. Personally I don’t care what they do if they have the money but I’d rent them a system and they could go to town. Been there & done that. I saw the world worst wedding DJ one time to bad I didn’t have my video camera. I was on the phone with my wife giving her a blow by blow description of what was going on. She told me to leave and come back when it was over. It was like accident where you know you’re not supposed to look but you just have to. The reception ended in less 3hrs right after dinner. Yes, it was that bad.
Let me ask why do you say the worst wedding DJ of all times?
Nail, meet head. As a venue owner, I'm now seeing this even more than when I was only a DJ. So many of these girls are young and have stars in their eyes over their wedding day and they get it in their head that they MUST have everything THEIR way.

Oh, you can't just say that with no details....:sqwink:
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Let me ask why do you say the worst wedding DJ of all times?
It all started at the beginning after I finished setting the DJ set. The DJ only has to bring his records, CDs or tapes. I see him unloading 10 crates of records, taking them out the crates, leaning them on the wall and I notice they not in any sort order. I’m like that’s odd. Next, I give the DJ Instructions on how to operate the dual CD player & cassette in case someone bring a CD/cassette. He responds I only play vinyl. Now, this is at time when most had started or moved to playing CDs. So, I ask if he had a couple of must plays songs played at every wedding. And said no and won’t play CDs or cassettes. My Spidey senses are now tingling. During the cocktail where you would figure you would cocktail hr music, he is playing dance music from WKTU mixed like a train wreck. Now, I’m puzzled since he likes to make people think he worked for WBLS by wearing old tag from the station. But, OK it’s only the cocktail hour. They had family do the intros so that was fine. Opening the dance floor for dancing, Xmas music, slow Xmas music. People are now going over requesting a change and songs. No one is on the dance floor, not one song he played made sense. He didn’t have a single song anyone wanted. The Bride goes over with CD trying to save the evening. He tells her he doesn’t have a CD player. Still no one has danced yet and it’s dinner time. During dinner the house DJ for the venue goes over trying to save the party, again he said he had no CD player. After dinner they cut the cake early, bride & groom dance to one song while everyone is slowly leaving, while he playing Random stuff nobody knows. The reception ended almost 2 hrs early. I was on the phone with the wife giving her a blow by blow commentary. I don’t think in my whole life I’ve seen a wedding reception where none of the guests danced for the entire evening.