New York Auto Show

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DJ Extraordinaire
Oct 20, 2006
Long Island NY
I was at the auto show on Sunday. As usual, I like checking out vans/trucks to see what’s new and get some hands on.

Mercedes had their Sprinter van which goes all the way to 270” length on a 170” WB. Now they have Available dual rear wheels. I have a say with the high roof it has the high capacity of any van I’ve seen. Absolutely huge capacity and plenty of room in the cockpit.

Dodge had the van extend and this one had a rear bench seat in the Passenger compartment. And still had plenty of room in the rear. Also, it had a folding ramp attached which swings out with the rear door. I liked the passenger compartment but personally, the van is really ugly when you view it from the front.

Both Dodge & Mercedes had their small two-seater minivans. Both were pretty small especially after viewing them next to to the larger vans. What I like is the Pacifica which has the fold down seats. This would make easy to go from family mode to business if you don’t have a ton of equipment. I was surprised how nicely the seats folded up. My wife had the older minivan without the foldable seats and it was PIA getting seats out then finding a place to store them. For me, I Usually have an event or two each year where I need to bring the family to a Event so being able to have rows of seating and still be able to carry equipment is a big plus.


This year Ford had a prototype of their new van is with dual rears but it was locked. They had the new Toyota RAV4 which has plenty of room for a small. My daughter just one of the last 2018. But I really doubt it if she will let me put any equipment in it or let alone let me drive it. But if I had to go small it seems like a good Choice. Chevy didn’t have any vans this year which makes me wonder if they are finally doing a redesign.

All and all a pretty good as usual. This year my son came along with me to my daughter as he just got his permit. Let’s see if he picks out a vehicle that we can fit some equipment.