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Apr 17, 2015
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Top 10 PROFITABLE franchises in order (fast food)
McDonalds, starbucks, subway, BK, TacoBell, Wendy's, Dunkin Donuts, Chick Fil a

Chick fil A has the HIGHEST sales per store out of all of these at just over $4m a year.
Dunkin Donuts does 733,000 - and is MORE profitable.
Subway is 416,000 and is better yet.

So I guess it depends on what you want....seems ChickFilA isn't particularly efficient in turning customers or stores into profits.

McDonald's is selling fast food with no serious quality or service component as a primary or major selling point.

Chick-Fil-A sells fast food with higher quality & better service as primary selling points.

High quality & service always has a lower demand but may very well be substantially more profitable.

There is no requirement that a product or service must appeal to everyone.


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Mar 20, 2008
Great in THEORY...

Reality is we do private events (mostly) and people aren't firing us, or walking out becasue we're less than some standard they chose.

I assume that ALL djs' have the same desired outcome - happy people dancing. We all aim for it but it doesn't always happen, for a number of reasons, often beyond our skills.

I'm doing a car cruise wednesday night- I was hired to play music and provide a microphone. I did nothing to bring in/promote the cruise, can't control the weather, timing of other events, etc.

If I do a great job vs average will it affect the next car cruise turnout? I imagine if I suck it will affect me, and perhaps the cruise.

I know I get rave reviews on school dances, but the decision makers change, and I've followed DJs and been told stories about folks not dancing, lower ticket sales as the last dance wasn't fun, etc.

I bring what I think is sufficient / appropriate for the event at may bring something completely different. For a school dance of 400 I brought TWICE the sound gear as another DJ...and I was asked to turn it up (i was pushing the limits when they finally quit asking). The other DJ was NOT loud enough could have a conversation in the room in a normal tone of voice. Seems a tad tame for a prom of 400 kids IMO. But he keeps getting asked back...

So now you reach the issue of what does the customer know, can they compare to? I've never owned a ferrari, bmw, mercedes, lexus or a new caddy or lincoln. Are they worth their asking price? I will probably never know.
I know folks that are brand loyal - toyota or nothing, nissan or nothing, chevy/gm or nothing. Are they shorting themselves by not trying something else?

the competition can do everything right and still not get these folks as customers.
I doubt could you more frequently use "I" (and forms thereof) in a post.


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Sep 26, 2011
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Mar 20, 2008
It's the waffle fries and the Chick-fil-A sauce .. opiate of the masses ..
Not for's a healthy combo of tasty, quality chicken, amazing customer service and corporate ethics that keep me a fan-boy of Chick-Fil-A.
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