NEW!! Mix sessions releasing tomorrow...

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New DJ
Nov 23, 2021
Hi guys,

Hope you're all good!!

Tomorrow, I'm premiering my new project, Innerflow Sessions. Episode 1 will be released, showcasing sounds of the Melodic, Deep and Progressive House genres.

Initially, one episode will be released per month, with more frequent episode releases in a matter of months. I will also be including occasional special episodes, focusing on specific labels, artists, era, and at some point in the near future, I will be opening the door for guest episodes, allowing up and comers to be heard.

I hope this is ok to post here.

Updates and links will be posted on the Instagram, which you can find here.

Hope to see you all around!

Jeff Romard

Staff member
ODJT Supporter
Sep 4, 2006
Sydney, Nova Scotia
Hey MIRJ Thanks for joining Our DJ Talk. It's all good to post your sessions I moved it to the Music forum seems to be a better fit.

Please take a minute to tell us a little about yourself in the Official Introductions Thread and hang around it's a fun bunch here