New License Plate


DJ Extraordinaire
Aug 14, 2008
Belair MD
I'm still waiting for MD to get rid of the front plate. Allegedly, PA is getting rid of plate decals.
I'd love to see that as well. Something tells me money (made by inmates) will make that a tough sell.

How do you get rid of plate decals?


DJ Extraordinaire
Oct 1, 2014
My vote for "Best Vanity Plate". Now for license plate frames -

I leave work late, the car in front of me is a 7 Series BMW coupe, guys in a suit, lawyer type.
As I get closer, I can see his license plate frame says "My Other Car is a Piece of Shit" !
He sees me absolutely howling in his rear-vue mirror and gives me a thumbs up!!
100% True
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