My Brand New Youtube Channel!

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DJ Extraordinaire
Apr 4, 2017
Hey guys!

Some of you that follow me online may know this, but for the rest, I'm sharing that I decided to create a brand new youtube channel, speciifcally designed to speak directly to DJ's and to share perspectives, advice, tips, and just general discussions on various topics within the DJ industry. I know a few of you do follow my event recap channel on youtube and look at it sometimes as a source of ideas/inspiration/music ideas, and many who see my posts on here know that I enjoy a healthy discussion on a number of topics about the industry. I know also many have called me or messaged me directly to expand on some of the things I say on here or on facebook. This channel is an extension of that, and I believe will allow me to reach more people, go more in depth, add a little color to the topic, and talk about a variety of subjects that I feel are crucial for anyone looking to better themselves in the industry... from the beginner trying to learn some of the basics involved in running a dj business, to the seasoned pro looking to increase revenue, find ways to stand out, market themselves online, etc.

I know some may find this type of stuff silly, and personally I don't consider myself a guru within this industry or anything... and I know there are a number of dj's that have channels and discuss a number of topics already (some of you share them on here too). However, I've always felt my experiences are a bit unique and have a different perspective and viewpoint on a lot of commonly discussed topics. I also feel a lot of info and topics online, just like at expos, is geared towards the basic entry level dj's, and not much exists for those seeking to grow their business or reach the top tier within their market (and there's a lot of those that seek... just few that are willing to do the work and even fewer willing to share and discuss the subject). Personally I never felt there's one way to do something successfully, and that there are a number of different paths that can lead to great results. The most important thing I feel is to gather as much knowledge as possible from as many sources, and use what makes the most sense to you and is the most applicable for your situation.

So I invite you to my new channel and kindly ask that you subscribe to help it grow! If there's ever a topic that you've been looking to have discussed from an additional perspective, feel free to let me know as well. I'm jotting down a number of topics that I'm looking to create videos on over the next few weeks as I have some time off that I've scheduled.

Link to channel: DJ Taso - Tips For DJ's Youtube Channel

Ps if this type of post isn't allowed my apologies in advance!