Music Organization?


Oct 24, 2018
Wentzville, Mo
I am starting over, although I do have my music library on external drives I will be setting up brand new. I just got the Pioneer DDJ 1000 so will be using rekordbox.
Last time I used Itunes to organize music but sure seemed to be a pain when switching computers or backing up.
If you were starting over, how would you organize your music collection, Itunes, your own folders sub folders or let rekordbox handle it?


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Apr 1, 2015
Phoenix AZ
I did just start over with a new laptop about a month ago I think it was, anyways, I keep it simple, I have one folder, and all the music is there, ok, I lied, that is a sub folder, its like this

Main Music Folder , that is the catch all , stuff that gets download goes there for sorting at a later date, within that main Music folder is the Itunes folder and in there is the second catch all, and inside that folder I do have a few other folders for music I download from the music pool, Intro/Outro/Mixes/Monthly Radio. Then there is the I-Tunes Music folder, and in there is all the music, I dont break the music down in different genres , its just a free for all in there.

I will use I-Tunes for breaking the music down into different genres and to make playlists


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Jun 12, 2018
i just reorganized all of mine in rekordbox and love when i get a playlist from a client...i quickly start a new playlist folder... search each song in rekordbox search...and easily add it to the new folder...

one thing i will say... once youve dragged the song from your library folder into rekordbox... do not change or move that original folder...or else rekordbox can no longer find it

side note: i use a stand alone controller that utilizes thumb drives... so i have to use rekordbox in order for the music to work on my controller... if you are using a controller via your laptop....u may not need my method