Looking for a reasonably priced website designer in North Jersey.

Dan The Man

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Jul 20, 2006
New York
@Big Dan , how much is your hosting?, my domain renews this month actually for $17 I think it is( from GoDaddy)

While I cant vouch for his hosting, he knows his stuff, he held my hand and helped my get my website up and running, this is a very generous offer he is making you, I would take it.
Johnathan, I forgot to mention if the domain itself renews at $17/yr transfer out to another registrar. $17/yr is to much for a .com. Name Cheap usually runs promos for transfers you can get it for < $10/ the first year or transfer to Google Domains for $12/yr. I know it's only a $5-7/yr savings but why not buy yourself a beer or two.
I'm a recovering domain addict. :monshocked: I'm down to less than 30 domains from > 100 at one time. This little trick saved me a lot of bucks over the years. The following year you're free the transfer to another registrar and take advantage of whatever transfer promos are available at that time.

The transfer process sounds daunting for people who don't do regularly but it's pretty straight forward:
  1. Make sure you domain contact data is up to date with a valid email.
  2. Unlock domain at current registrar.
  3. Request Auth code from current registrar (this essentially acts like password the registrars pass between each other to authenticate ownership). The auth code is sent to the email address on file.
  4. Initiate a transfer request at new registrar and provide them with the auth code
  5. Approve the transfer - usually by clicking a link in a subsequent email from your current registrar.
Be aware if you don't click the approval link from your current registrar the process can take a few weeks. By default, if your domain is unlocked most registrars will auto-approve the request within 1 to 4 weeks.

The good news is If you click the approval link it happens almost instantaneously. Go Daddy seems to take a little longer than most sometimes overnight. I've done Name Cheap to Google Domains and vice versa in under an hour from start to finish.
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Scott Hanna

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Oct 25, 2006
Cleveland, OH
Forget Dan's offer. I'll make you a better offer. Pay me only $60 a month and I'll register your domain for you for the full year at no extra charge.
I'll register a Facebook page for you, normally $500, for just $250! That's 50% off!!

Cash only