Looking for a clean edit of Celebration by T.I.

Hank Davidson

Affordable, yet priceless.
Nov 15, 2006
Boston, MA
There doesn't seem to be one and it's not possible to scrub or invert the original edit as there are voices over voices in parts.
IMHO, anyone asking for this to be played doesn't want it cleaned up. Even if you had a clean edit, there is likely going to be a group of folks on the dance floor rapping along, loud and proud.

If this goes against your practices and business model, just take a pass.

Cheers Ron!
(BTW, that beverage was amazing.)


DJ Extraordinaire
Nov 6, 2006
I second what Hank wrote.
I only stock clean versions of songs. If there isn't one then I don't carry that song with me. I'll play it if the client is determined to include it - but, I never devote editing time to trying to clean something up. If I'm going to do an edit it has to be for timing, choreography, or some other staging aspect. I don't edit to save people from their own choices.


DJ Extraordinaire
Mar 20, 2008
Not aware of a clean, IOW, "no bitches/no niggas" version.

Would be ridiculous to edit out or even revrese cover the frequency of those lyrics. Some songs just can't be uselfuul scrubed...bitches (LOL)!