Legal to resell music?

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Shine on you crazy diamond
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Sep 26, 2011
I was, too.
But being a radio guy, I was constantly pissed off at how poorly people tagged their songs.
It was mostly for my son. I got a nice free Diamond Rio 600 music player somewhere around 1999-2000. The company used our software to design it, so we gave them out at a booth during one of the industry shows. I think it held like 64Mb. I gave it to my son and he wanted to fill it. I think I was getting crappy 32 or 62Kbit songs on Limewire.

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DJ Bobcat

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Nov 8, 2014
Oklahoma City
Napster still exists it just looks very different now...
Well, it’s called Napster, but it just uses the name and logo. It has changed hands at least twice since being shut down by copyright lawsuits. It’s now a streaming service. I used it when it was owned by Rhapsody, and it served DRM protected media files. You could download an unlimited number of music files for $10 a month, but you had to retain a Rhapsody license to play them. They had a HUGE selection of music, and I liked the way they categorized and released new music. When Rhapsody closed down and it was changed back to Napster, they screwed up all the good features, so I dumped it.
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