LED par cans advice

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New DJ
May 1, 2009
I have a charity hall that has some old metal rgb par cans from years ago. They are starting to flicker and give out. I control them with an Obey4 chauvet dmx controller. Would any of you fine gents be able to tell me a cheap replacement can that could be used with that same dmx controller (guys at the charity would struggle with a real light board)? Lots of Chinese cans out there....so hard to sort through. I just wondered if anyone had some good luck with one of the brands. These would be mounted and used once weekly at most. Thanks for your consideration!!!!!
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Sep 7, 2016
I use the Chauvet SlimPar Hex-4s as my main pars or wash lights. They are quite bright for a small package, but having the white and amber LED inside them lets you do more natural lighting looks if you're not trying to do crazy colors.

I'm sure the knock offs can do similar stuff without the brand name, but I use the Chauvet D-Fi wireless technology, so it's easier for me to stay inside that family.
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