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Sep 26, 2011
Prospect, CT
I do Karaoke .. there aren't a lot of Karaoke Only folks here, but many do it along with DJing.


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Aug 13, 2007
Karaoke is pretty big in the area I am in, so that is our main focus. We also DJ and mix small bands.
I read you also mix small bands. Do you use the same rig for Karaoke? If not, what do you use?
Yes. Here's a list of what we have...

Peavey PV14 Mixer
Siesmic Audio PWS-15 600w Active Speakers (2)
Seismic Audio Tremor 18 500w Active Subs (2)
VocoPro UHF-8800 8-Channel Wireless Microphone System (for Karaoke)
4U PC for song storage w/ one 256GB SSD (OS) and two 3TB HDD
12x4x50 Snake Cable
250+ GB of music
1+ TB of karaoke songs (I've collected a lot of CD's over 19 years...) :)

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I prefer the rack-mount PC over laptops because you can't get good laptops with a lot of storage, and the portable HDD's are susceptible to being dropped, especially when they are moved around a lot. I may move to a smaller RU PC in the future, but they are a bit pricey.


About Me:

I have been involved in music/dj'ing/karaoke in one form or another since the early 90's. I started out on two 1200MKII's and a Numark 1775 Mixer. In 1996 I went to work for a local business working in marketing and entertainment and have helped them amass 19 years worth of music and karaoke music.

Recently, I have teamed up with a long time friend to create BNB Productions after seeing that the market in the area for karaoke was fairly large and that the local DJ's were, basically, kids that had downloaded all their songs off the internet and were quite unprofessional (we plan on doing things very differently). With my experience and my partners connections locally with venues and bands, I think we will do very well.
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