"It's Your Song" Garth Brooks

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Jun 6, 2009
I need this song for my Nephews, wedding tomorrow. Was this only recorded live? Or does he have a studio version of it?

According to Wikipedia, there was a studio version released to radio. It does not appear to be available direct. Couple that with Garth's control over his music and the difficulty in getting legit .mp3 music on iTunes or Amazon means it'll be tough to get unless you find someone who has it. Good Luck.
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Thanks for the help.. And I am not a last minute kind of Girl, my Nephew just changed his mind on this song this Morning!
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thats why I have this in my Contract as well

3. MUSIC: Remember that, all Music is Subject to Availability at the time of your Function (If you call too late for a song and we can not obtain it, then Sorry)

works for me!
Hello All,
Does anyone still have the music for this song they are willing to share? I too am in need for a wedding 'tomorrow' :-( And have been very unsuccessful in finding it. i am singing in the wedding and can do it solo with no music if need be but would like the music if possible :) Any help would be great!! Thank you!
I also need this song next month where can I find it. Anybody still have it. The mother of the groom asked me if I can get it.
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@DJ Rich - That song (the studio version) is kinda hard to come by. There may or may not be a version of it in my Drop Box, and there may or may not be a link to it in your In Box.:laugh:
May or may not there be a link to a tip box?