Invest in Oil now before it's too late

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DJ Ricky B

DJ Extraordinaire
Mar 9, 2015
I am just letting everyone know to invest in oil NOW as in right now before its too late to get in and make a lot of money on the investment side.

We are about to see a HUGE SURGE in demand for oil world wide. Electric vehicles are a drop in the bucket in terms of having any impact on oil demand.

Production side has been starved since 2019, and Covid made it worse. The world is burning through reserves at a super fast rate. Not to mention lots of things are in big demand right now for oil. Jet Fuel is going to experience a big surge in demand. Tires, nail polish, paint, insect repellent, detergent etc all use oil, and demand for all of that is rising.

Just FYI...Even if you only have $20 to invest. GO d/l Robinhood and buy $20 of literally any Oil stock right now. XOM, BP...popular ones to buy! 2022 through 2024 are going to be wild with oil prices!

Where oil prices are now are about as cheap as they are going to be before they really start to sky rocket in the coming months.