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Not a big surprise the high majority of new music, at least the more mainstream stuff, sucks. There are a few gems but most of it just is nowhere near as good as music before 2010
It is student loans, I tell ya. Kids can't afford new music because of them.

No wait, it is that the minimum wage is too low. Only boomers can afford to buy music.

It is the price of gas! Kids can't afford to drive and they only listen to music in cars.

Or maybe it is liberal gun control initiatives that are blocking the violence inherent in newer music.

Then again, it could just be that the older music was better. Kids may not want to listen to their parent's music but grandma's music is totally new to them.
Here is a new song that came out just a few months ago. I really like the song. Addicting to listen to while in my car! Listen to part of the bacgkround beat. He had to get permission from someone for that!


He sampled that background beat from P Diddy I need a Girl Part 2

I played that at a wedding in June… worked very well! But it was a crowd that does go out to clubs A LOT lol so to them it was familiar.