Weddings Interesting wedding yesterday...aftereffects of covid I suppose

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Apr 17, 2015
Western Pennsylvania
People keep rescheduling wedding because of covid last year - 2 weeks ago did a reception as they wedding was in 2020, just the couple and close family. THey played a fantastic video of the ceremony for the guests at the reception. First dance was the only event.

yesterday was my 'harry potter' wedding - all harry potter themed, tables were decoarated for each of the 4 houses, so I got to announce "Raven Claw may now go to the buffet".

The photographer had the wrong date. Got a call "where are you?" from the bride.
The officient had 5pm for the ceremony, when the bride had 3pm.

I got to fully use my van - reception setup, ceremony, uplighting, monogram and photobooth. With room to spare in the van!

And the ceremony was in an area outside the lodge with no electricity, unless you wanted to run 200' of extension across a road. So I used the 120v setup - it's solar charge off a roof panel, so yes I can say I do 'green weddings'!

Everything went well, but these 'outdoor' weddings have GOT to end! 85F and 80% humidy in a barn and NOBODY wants to dance. It was a good 10F cooler outside, and a nice breeze. Maybe I should turned DOWN the music to get them inside? I'll have to try that next time.

Next wedding is at a converted train station...outside ceremony, outside bar/dancing, only dinner is inside and air conditioned. Plus you have to deal with CSX freight trains next to the dance floor every 45 minutes. And THIS costs $2500 to rent.


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Apr 4, 2017
Had a grad party for a past client of mine yesterday and no dancing till after it got dark,,, but there was a good amount of dancing for 2 hrs.
As far as the scheduling... I’ve noticed a lot of discrepancies, but they’re always caught in the finalization phase. How could the officiant and photographer not have reached out at all to verify things is beyond me... likewise for the couple to not have communicated to the photographer to make sure they’re all on the same page. They would’ve caught the fact that he had the wrong date.
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Oct 16, 2011
The photographer should have had the date written down somewhere or had a notification somewhere to remind them of the event date and what was to happen that day. Cellphones are great for that. If things changed the bride should contact the vendors.