I'm looking at doing a couple of events next year about me for me.

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Oct 16, 2011
First I'm trying to keep my spirits up because my mother's funeral is on Wed. I'm looking to do an event in April of next year around the time of my 25th year of being clean. That I want it to be for the members of the 12 step program I'm a member of. Me and my partners being the DJs for that event. Next have a big blow out in a park for my 35th anniversary of being a DJ. The first one I want to be with just the members because everybody doesn't need to know that I'm a recovering addict The second one just have some DJ friends come in a park that day and play for my celebration. With me being the last DJ to play that day. So those are some of my plans going forward. What I'm saying here is I'm not ready to hangup the headphones just yet. One of my friends nailed it for me. Just get through the funeral right now and that's it. I was considering doing a double whammy. Have the second event around the time of my birthday for a double celebration. Just had to make this post finally early this morning because I'm awake right now before 5am.

Also for the first one it would be 25 and 25. I used for 25 years and being clean for 25 years. I will check this thread later as I got to get ready to go out this morning. Got to pick my rider up to take her home from work. God bless all of you and hope you have a prosperous time time doing what you love to do.
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