I saw this speaker yesterday in a church.

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Oct 16, 2011
Sunday I went to a church service in Newark, NJ. My favorite boss I worked with for 11 years is a deacon at the church. He wasn't there. I was told he's sick. Last time I saw him he said he had triple by-pass surgery. I was in the church and saw this speaker that reminded me of the first speakers I bought for my first setup coming back. The speaker was a Peavey SP 5G speaker. The ones I bought were the Peavey SP2G speakers. I bought them used from GC in Springfield, NJ. Great speakers. I kept them until I bought some active speakers. What are your thoughts on the Peavey SP2G speakers? For me those were some great speakers back in the day. I used the QSC 2450 amp to power them. I still have that amp to this day.


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I had the older SP2a’s as my first “professional” speakers, eventually ran them in a 3 way setup with rbs 1 subwoofers, CS1200 on subs, CS800 on Mids, and a CS400 running the tweeters, by back is still mad at me
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I had a pair of the Peavey SP5s back in the day. The thing I remember most is that they are SOLID...as in HEAVY AF - 70+ pounds! I slightly preferred the Yammie S115V for the sound - but they are nearly as heavy - 65 pounds.

I eventually traded those for S112Vs + some subs. These were MUCH easier to load in/out...and with the subs made for a much fuller sound.
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I used to use a ton of Peavey stuff back in the 80s & 90s. At one point all of my speakers were Peavey or loaded with Peavey black widows drivers. Since bands also used Peavey there were always used Peavey I could buy affordably. I had a bunch of amps too, CS 800s 400s 1200s, PV2000s, DPC 1400x DPC 1000s & DPC. 750s. I started phasing out the Peavey stuff in the late 90s and the only items left are the DPC 1400s. All the Peavey equipment served me well but was heavy and couldn’t match the clarity and performance of the newer equipment. I still have my Peavey tour jacket hanging in the closet, of course I can’t even fit my arm in it now.