How do you see yourself as a DJ 3 years from now in 2022?

How do you see yourself as a DJ in 2022?

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Jun 12, 2018
Depends on your market I suppose....I would say 6/10 wedding clients ask if I "Cut songs off or let them play out". seems weddings don't want hard mixing at least around here
i know this has been discussed into the ground...but there is definitely a difference between a bad dj "cutting songs off" and a real dj speed mixing...

Do clients complain about jive bunny mixes? with 20 seconds of each they are seamless...and take those songs to a new level of energy

id never encourage any mediocre dj to attempt it... but when youve beatmatched and produced mixtapes for years and years and years that take normal music to a new energy level... it becomes THE REASON you are hired... not the reason u are fired....

luckily there is room for us all

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Jul 24, 2008
Fennimore Wi
I agree that SOME will always be around in some fashion. ...I am saying there will be fewer of them around. They will also be harder to find. ...Especially available.

If I compare the offerings on the internet now for cheap DJs in my area compared to 5 years ago. The offering is smaller.

I also see less, and less new comers getting into the moble DJ field. We had a lot of new DJs entering the market during the recession, and for a few years after. However, that has seemed to cool down big time since 2013. I am also noticing that the older guys who have always had real low prices are slowing down a lot. I feel the bulk of these guys are on the cusp of retiring. Many already have over the past few years.

I think in a few more years, $450 to $500 will be bottom dollar in most markets to book a DJ where $200 to $300 has been bottom dollar for like the last 15+ years, lol.
Weren’t you just talking of the doom and gloom of the next recession about a month ago, surely that will bring out the cheap DJs in force again

DJ Ricky B

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Mar 9, 2015
Weren’t you just talking of the doom and gloom of the next recession about a month ago, surely that will bring out the cheap DJs in force again
I believe we WILL have another recession. I do think it will start later this year, or sometime next year in 2020. ...We are over due for a recession.

With that said, I don't think the next recession will bring a lot of cheap DJs out in force LIKE IT DID with the last one. ...This is because there are so many other money making oppurtunieis out there, and quite frankly those opportunities are readily available, and much easier to make cash with. ...Getting into being a DJ, and actually booking events these days takes quite a while to do.

I also believe that the DJs that have been around a while have become a little more set in their prices. Fewer DJs are willing to drop their rates big time today compared to the last recession in attempt to keep booking the gigs.

Now the next recession could be really bad...and in that case I will probably be wrong in regards to seasoned DJs dropping their pants on price to get gigs if it get's that bad. BUT, I don't think the market will have as much competition competing for work like the last recession had.

Scott Hanna

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Oct 25, 2006
Cleveland, OH
The new hardware coming out is intended to keep the controller and lose the laptop. DJs that move further toward getting rid of mixing live are going to be moving closer to being replaced by a Spotify playlist.
I’m not sure I agree with this. I think mixing is great and I do believe it makes a dj better.

But one of our most popular dj’s doesn’t mix, has never mixed, but consistently gets referrals, requested, and outstanding reviews.

Why? His personality, his ability to work with customers and guests, and his ability to read a room.

While I believe he’d be even better if he mixed, it’s hard to argue with years of success.

He’s never worked at a club and has been djing weddings and private events for about 15 years.

I remember people telling me at the turn of the century that using laptops to dj with would be the demise of the dj industry. It hasn’t happened.

Spotify is the current way to have music. Mix tapes, cdr’s, digital tape, laptops, iPods, Napster and now Spotify were all going to be replacing djs.

There always has and always will be a group of diy’rs that are looking to save money. Yes as technology advances it makes things easier for them. But it’s still just a small % that probably wasn’t going to hire a good dj anyway.


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Mar 20, 2008