How do you see yourself as a DJ 3 years from now in 2022?

How do you see yourself as a DJ in 2022?

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Jeff Romard

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Sep 4, 2006
Sydney, Nova Scotia
I expect to be around in 2022 and with new gear by then. I actually have a booking for June 2021 I've been flipping the coin on new speakers for a year or more I haven't pulled the trigger yet I expect by the end of this year I'll be getting them


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Mar 20, 2008
I can only expect to see myself as a dj either in a mirror or a photograph as I do not believe in astral projection.

OTST, same as yesterday...working like a boss, professional, but a boss!
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Oct 1, 2014
I clicked "Other", so I have to explain -

After 31 years with a major corporation, I retired and moved to Florida. Like many Veterans, my best friends are Veterans, and I found myself spending a lot of time in the American Legion, VFW, etc., and too much time drinking. So, I got into DJ'ing late in life to be in the same Veterans organizations my friends were still in, but playing music and drinking less - it has never had anything to do with money. The reason I charge money is to be fair to those who are actually in this because it's their income. Me, I'm just having fun!

...and I was good at it. I also started to do the MC part in weddings for my youngest son who DJ's in NY, but is mic shy - we go to NY frequently to see the grandchildren. As time moved on, I started to do Zumba for a fun way to exercise (remember, I'm retired). This led to a love of Salsa and Merengue dancing which, you guessed it, started me DJ'ing Latin music...and I was good at it too! Even though I'm a Gringo, I've become the unofficial resident DJ for a local Spanish Club.

DJ'ing for me is not work, it is a Passion. I love music, I love to dance. I'm now 72 years old, and I would like to keep doing it until at least 2022, or until Agent Orange kills me.
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Oct 16, 2011
For me I'm not sure. When I was having all the issues with my health I was considering retiring from being a DJ. There were times when I would have to get out of the van and stretch before getting back in to drive. That's how bad the pain is my leg wound get.

My friends talked me out of that. Their argument was if I retired what would I do then? I know I would surely miss it and would never forgive myself for quitting after God blessed me to still be alive and back doing what I love to do.

In 2022 I just want to be alive and in decent health. Hopefully I will still be doing what I love to do.
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Mentally, I still have the ability to continue, but my body speaks to me in a different way. Arthur-I-tis a major detractor as well as weak knees and back issues. I'm a local DJ that gets calls for the 55-older community functions. Won't be long now. The end is in sight. Physicality is the detractor.
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Jul 24, 2008
Fennimore Wi
I see myself as still performing much as I do today, cherry picking gigs I want to do with clients I enjoy. I am really enjoying the roller rink and my 9 year old has been taking an interest in playing music there, I am letting him run the lighting and choose a few songs currently. Between the rink and a couple other businesses the mobile DJ will be the first to go away as it is the most physically demanding


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Aug 14, 2008
Belair MD
...but my body speaks to me in a different well as weak knees and back issues. I'm a local DJ that gets calls for the 55-older community functions.
Ha! I'm an ex-DJ with real stiff knees who now lives in an 55 and older condo community where the livin' is easy.....

It wasn't the lifting and such that was my downfall. It was standing for a few hours that made the decision for me.
Yes, I used a padded mat, but that only delayed the inevitable....:pillunhappy:
Feb 12, 2016
Kennewick WA
I performed my first DJ gig in July of 1978. And have built up one of the most successful DJ businesses in my community, providing a very decent income. At this time I'm considering doing nothing less. I still have the desire and passion to continue. Three years from now isn't so far away to not see any changes.

However, I have begun the thought and process to sell my business. And this means not parting out the equipment, but selling the business as a whole, somebody just taking over.

A person could instantly start making about 100K a year. It seems to me to be an awesome opportunity with many interested, but I belive the sale will be difficult.

For now and into 2022, I'll just happily be doing what has been a fantastic career, unless some unforeseen and unexpected change develops.